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New area Added 10.27.2004
Hike Gibraltar September 26th 9.10.2004
Adopt-A-Crag 2004 8.31.2004
Access Fund Forum at Boulders 8.22.2004
Banff Mountain Film Festival i... 4.20.2004
New piece of writing for your ... 4.1.2004
Spring is here! 3.26.2004
Adopt - A - Crag update 9.3.2003
Adopt-a-Crag scheduled for Dev... 7.3.2003
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Welcome to It's the best place to find info on routes and to share your knowledge of Devil's Lake with the Midwest's great climbing community. To find a route click on the "Rock" button to the left.

We've got a very active forum for you to post your opinions to, we've got more pictures of the rock at Devil's Lake than any other source anywhere, we've got a partner finder to help you hook up with other climbers from the area, and we've got hundreds of route descriptions for you to sink your teeth into. Drop us a Question or Comment if you're curious about something. Most of all, enjoy!

Anyone can Add a Route to the database. Sign up or use the "Anonymous" user and try it out!

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New area Added Wed Oct 27 11:02:41 2004
A new area called Necedah was just approved, submitted by - Jay Knower
Hike Gibraltar September 26th Fri Sep 10 22:31:16 2004
Have you heard about the controversy surrounding climbing closures at Gibraltar Rock near Lodi, WI? Now you can see what this place is all about! The Access Fund has organized a hike at Gibraltar Rock on September 26th. Madison-area climbers can meet a Boulders Climbing Gym at 10am, or if desired, you can arrive at Gibraltar Rock at 11am for the hike. To view the official flyer and to get directions to Gibraltar click HERE. Come out and show your support for climber access! - Tom Anderson-Brown
Adopt-A-Crag 2004 Tue Aug 31 09:05:47 2004
Look for more details soon on Adopt-A-Crag 2004. The date of the event will be October 16th at Devil's Lake!
Tom - Tom Anderson-Brown
Access Fund Forum at Boulders Sun Aug 22 10:04:06 2004
Climbers Gathering hosted by the Access Fund on Thursday, August 26th at 7:30
pm at Boulders Gym in Madison. Bring your ideas, concerns, and solutions to a
climbers_ gathering with staff from the Access Fund
Come and rap about stewardship, management of the land, closures, and your
overall impression of the future of bouldering and climbing in the area.

For more information, contact Deanne at
- Tom Anderson-Brown
Banff Mountain Film Festival in Madison! Tue Apr 20 13:12:01 2004
The Banff Mountain Film Festival will be stopping in Madison on April 25th at 7pm at the WI Union Theatre. Tickets are $10 for UW Students, REI Members, and Union Members; $15 for anyone else. We will be showing about 2 hours of films. For more information on the BMFF visit

- Tom Anderson-Brown
New piece of writing for your enjoyment Thu Apr 1 20:47:44 2004
Jan Brown has submitted his first piece of fiction to the site, and I think you'll like it. It's called "Climbing Furniture" and you can check it out in our Features Section. - Tom Anderson-Brown
Spring is here! Fri Mar 26 15:22:05 2004
Time to get climbing! Welcome spring and get out there and climb. We've got some recent posts worth visiting. The Gibraltar Rock issue is heating up, so visit the Reopen Gibraltar! post add your two cents, and get involved! EB has posted a new forum topic called Best Bouldering Problems, and there are some newly added bouldering spots to check out, namely the Thin Man Corridor and the Flux Boulder. As EB would say, Git on it! - Tom Anderson-Brown
Adopt - A - Crag update Wed Sep 3 10:04:04 2003
Access Fund's Adop-A-Crag Day At Devil's Lake

When: September 6th 9am-12noon
Where: Devil's Lake State Park, CCC Trail parking lot on South Shore Rd.

Snacks and drinks will be provided and there will be prize drawings.
Come help us keep Wisconsin's best climbing crag clean! - David Le Blanc
Adopt-a-Crag scheduled for Devil's Lake Thu Jul 3 06:50:13 2003

On September 6, 2003 REI and the Access Fund will sponsor the Fourth Annual Adopt-a-Crag Day, a national initiative devoted to natural resource stewardship and volunteerism. This year there will be an anticipated 100 Adopt-a-Crag Day events at climbing and bouldering areas around the country. Madison's REI is sponsoring the Devil's Lake Adopt-a-rag

Why is Adopt-a-Crag Day important?

Adopt-a-Crag Day is about giving back to the climbing areas we use on a regular basis. From the signs in the parking areas, to the established trail systems, to the rocks and boulders where we devote endless hours, climbers are frequent land-users, and it is important that we make an effort to maintain and care for that land. Adopt-a-Crag Day encourages climbing communities to engage local land managers, landowners, park service employees and forest rangers in conversation about ways to preserve and protect their climbing areas and environments.

What are the Goals of Adopt-a-Crag Day?

•Preserving climbing resources and maintaining climbing areas.
•Uniting the national climbing community.
•Promoting public awareness and appreciation of America's diverse climbing resources.
•Encouraging cooperative efforts and building partnerships between climbers and public land managers.
•Providing a venue for thousands of individuals to give back to the environment.

To volunteer or for more details call 608-833-6680 or fill out an entry form at REI, Madison. There will be food and prize drawings for volunteers at Devil's Lake. - Tom Anderson-Brown
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